My Bio

A Born Actress

HI! It's me, Bria! 

I'm an L.A based Actress.

Born and raised in a town known as Naperville, Il the big suburb raised me to have big dreams. Graduating with a Accounting degree and as a 4 year collegiate basketball athlete from Millikin University, hard work, dedication and passion are three attributes that are held close to me. I went on to work corporate jobs while still chasing my dreams on the side. Realizing quickly that my true passion lied in acting I left corporate to work as a full time actress. Since leaving behind my 9-5 I have had the opportunity to work on sets with award winning talent, work with on the rise talent and gain an abundance of industry related knowledge and experience. 

As I continue to stay true to myself, and chase my dream I strive to be open about my journey and take others on the ride up with me. Living by my favorite quote "Be somebody nobody thought you could be."

When I'm not rehearsing my lines, or taking an acting class you can find me in the nearest gym or mall near you. Stay connected with me at or on instagram at @Briawilliams_ and Facebook/Twitter @ Thebriawilliams.



Eris Talent Agency (Commercial) LA
Stellar Artist Management LA
Promote Talent Agency CHI


Daniel's Summer | Lead | Hitoshi Inoue
Welcome To Hollywood | Supporting | Darcell Clayton
Less Soap, More Blood | Lead | Ji Jang
Professor Mack | College Student | Christopher Nolen


Afterbuzz TV | The Masked Singer | Co-host
Afterbuzz TV | Project Runway | Co-host/Writer
Afterbuzz TV | Making the Cut | Co-host


Richard Lawson Studio | Scene Study | Richard Lawson 

Margie Harbor Studio | On-Camera Intensive | Diane Charles

Joshua LeBar Studio| Scene Study | Amy Gumenick

Tasha Smith Acting Workshop| Scene Study | Kevin Benton

Killian's Workshop | Commercials | Killian McHugh

Vagabond School of Arts | On Camera | Holly Allen